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Tomteboda – Where sustainability and value add go hand in hand

Terminalvägen 2, 171 65 Solna, Sweden

Tomteboda postal terminal was built during the years 1981–1983 on behalf of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. With a high degree of automation, it was the most modern mail sorting facility of its day, attracting worldwide attention.

With its more than 100,000 square meters spread over five sections, Tomteboda is one of Sweden’s largest buildings.

Tomteboda was one of 42 properties acquired in 2015 in a Joint Venture with Blackstone. When acquiring the asset, we knew that Posten (the Swedish postal service) would be moving out and we had signed a lease with SL (Stockholm public transport) for a new bus depot. Our aim was to explore the options to find the best possible use for the rest of the space in this centrally located property.

Since that time the property has undergone a grand transformation. Customised work environments have been created for a whole range of businesses. There are also logistics for Stockholm’s bus traffic, education spaces for upper secondary school students, offices for several government agencies, premises for an electric vehicle battery developer and a centre for vaccine production.

Sustainability was key when developing Tomteboda. Our focus was to turn Tomteboda into a green building and create optimal conditions for the 4,000 people that come to the property every day. All technical systems are now energy efficient and one of the largest roof-mounted solar panels of its kind in Stockholm has been installed. In 2023 Tomteboda won Building of the Year 2023 in the Renovation category.

Tomteboda has been repositioned and is now clear proof that sustainability and value-creation go hand in hand.


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