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Kista One – Setting a new standard for opening up properties

Kistagången 20-26, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

Between 2007 and 2014 Areim owned four large properties in Kista: Reykavik 2, Borgarfjord 3 and 5 and Färöarna 3, also known as Kista One. All the properties were built during the 1980s and were each leased by single tenants for several years.

Areim developed the properties into modern multi-tenant office spaces with staffed reception areas and lounges. Ventilation, cooling and electrical infrastructure were upgraded and the windows were enlarged to increase the amount of light entering the spaces. We improved the acoustics and lighting to create pleasant and efficient office spaces. With modern technology, carefully selected materials and well thought-out architecture, we transformed the dark 1980s buildings into bright, modern and environmentally friendly office spaces.

The Kista One property pioneered the concept of opening up a property’s ground floor space to create a more vibrant area for work and other activities. The once-closed office building with oversized entrances and conference facilities became an inviting space offering shops, cafes, services and health facilities.

Kista One was certified to LEED Gold in 2014.


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