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Brädstapeln – A new meeting place on Kungsholmen

Fleminggatan 16-18, Stockholm, Sweden

Brädstapeln was built in 1974–76 to house the head offices of the Trygg Hansa insurance company and was an example of pioneering architecture right from the start. When Areim acquired Brädstapeln 16 in 2014, we started looking at how to turn the property into something new and how to add a missing piece to the neighbourhood.

Our ambition was to develop the property in a way that would realise the neighbourhood’s full potential – to create a new landmark and an inviting meeting place that welcomed the public. The property had several parts that few people knew about, such as a large gym used by Trygg-Hansa employees, and beneath it were large unutilised spaces.

We uncovered Brädstapeln’s hidden gems for Stockholmers to explore, and updated the offices and spaces to modern standards. We wanted Brädstapeln to feel contemporary, safe and inviting. We rebuilt the pavilion to make it the entrance it was meant to be – open to everyone. By opening up the ground floor, we created a new meeting place for people working or living in the area. Since this part of Kungsholmen lacked grocery shops and evening entertainment, the residents had to walk to Fridhemsplan to shop, run errands, grab a bite to eat or go to the gym. By putting the area residents first, we anchored Brädstapeln in the neighbourhood and created a vibrant venue during office hours and beyond.

Brädstapeln was environmentally certified to BREEAM Very Good and was sold in 2019 when the retail floor was completed.

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