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Aallonharja – Following the footsteps of a world-famous architect

Tekniikantie 4, Espoo, Finland

The office property Aallonharja is located right next to Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo, close to Helsinki city centre. The property’s proximity to the university creates many beneficial synergies as it attracts companies that want to be close to the students and campus, for example, as laboratory and research companies.

The area is known for its red brick buildings designed by the iconic Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Although Aalto did not design the Aallonharja property, we have renovated it in the same style to honour the area’s identity. This is reflected in the details, such as the generous use of wood in the interior design. Central themes in the renewal include closeness to nature, circular economy and recycling, combined with interior design solutions of the 60’s.

Aallonharja comprises 20,000 square metres and four buildings: A, B, C, and D. We renovated and developed all four buildings as one so that property services such as a free 24/7 gym and a gardening club in the D building are now available to the entire property. This brings all Aallonharja tenants together in one community and allows them to connect at joint events.

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