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Turning brown to green

The light industrial area Boländerna in central Uppsala was once home to one of Sweden’s largest slaughterhouses. By constructing 70,000 square metres of new buildings and modernising existing ones, we are transforming Boländerna into a modern business district. We gave also given part of the area a name that honours its history: Slakthusområdet (Meat Packing District).

In accordance with our sustainability strategy, we are developing the area into modern, environmentally smart light industrial properties using sustainable materials, such as timber frames, and installing solar panels on the buildings. Improving the quality of peoples working lives in the area is our primary focus. The area will therefore have green spaces, a restaurant with locally produced and organic food, a high-standard gym, bike paths and a bike workshop that the tenants can access to maintain and charge their electric bikes.

Our goal is to create a business district that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

An area that was once run-down and deserted will now be bustling with life – a place to be proud of!

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Art – a natural part of light industrial areas 

In the development project of Boländerna, the Ukrainian artist Marianna Tarish, has painted a mural painting in the area. The story made it to the local newspaper UNT in Uppsala.


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