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Innovation and verdure meet

Kista is Europe’s largest innovation cluster for information and communication technology (ICT). This is where IBM built its Swedish head office in the late 1970s. The property is characterised by its architecture and careful choice of materials that blend in with the surrounding nature. Today both the building and it surroundings have high cultural and historical value.

Since 2015, at the same location, we have been developing Kista Parkstad in a joint venture with Skanska. Our plans for this area involve preserving nature and cultural value as a natural aspect of a multifunctional urban framework. By prioritising a common urban space, preserving the vegetation, parks and squares, and carefully planning the use of the ground floor level, we are helping to maintain this vibrant urban district. The plans for Kista Parkstad also focus on strengthening connections with surrounding areas.

We intend to develop 2,000 homes in Kista Parkstad with mixed forms of tenure, as well as several pre-schools and services complemented by new commercial activity in the existing buildings.

Sustainability is an essential part of the project, and we are helping to ensure that this area is a prime example of how Stockholm City embraces social sustainability in development projects today. With community as a guiding principle, Kista Parkstad is connecting neighbouring areas and helping to make Stockholm a sustainable and cohesive city. All properties will be certified and will have geothermal heating and solar cells. It has proximity to the metro system and sustainable transport, as well as the extensive range of services offered in the Kista Galleria shopping centre, which is within walking distance. We are also planning a mobility hub with delivery management, as well as bicycle pools and carpools to further facilitate sustainable choices.

Kista Parkstad – a green oasis in Kista – a place to call home.

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