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T31, Tegeluddsvägen, Frihamnen, Stockholm, Lybeck 2

Contributing to a new neighbourhood

T.31 (Tegeluddsvägen 31) is located in Värtahamnen at Gärdet, Stockholm. This is an area that is developing into a vibrant urban district with offices, housing, commercial venues, service properties and waterside walkways and we want to contribute to the development.

We will develop the 30,000 square metre building T.31 into a modern office building. With a new entrance and an open ground floor for shops and services, we hope that T.31 will contribute to the development of this new lively neighbourhood, connecting Gärdet with Värtahamnen.

In developing this property, we want to make use of existing materials to the greatest extent possible in line with our circular approach. We are on track towards an ambitious reuse and environmental plan in the building.  We have, for example, recycled around 6,000 square metres of linoleum flooring, saving around 37 tonnes of CO2. We intend to wash and repair the existing brickwork. New windows with a higher energy rating and thinner profiles will create a contemporary, green building.

To highlight our initiatives, we have installed the Recycling Corner (Återbruket) next to our office space showroom. Here we can show potential tenants that we walk the talk!

Our ambition is to certify T.31 according to BREEAM in-use

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