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A place for a different kind of good news

Tidningskvarteren (or the Press quarter) are located in Kungsholmen with two of Stockholm’s most famous buildings: the Sweco building (formerly the SvD building) and “DN-skrapan” (“DN Skyscraper”). Although most Stockholmers are familiar with the location of the properties, few have been to the area – especially after the newspapers stopped their printing presses and relocated in the late 1990s. As a result, this location has lost its vibrancy and its fast-paced atmosphere.

Our ambition for Tidningskvarteren is to bring the properties and surrounding area back to life. By developing the properties and the area we want to create an exciting new destination in Stockholm. There will be open and inclusive spaces offering services, entertainment, and experience events. We plan, for example, to establish plantations, a dog day care centre, art and exhibition spaces, open spaces with free Wi-Fi, event stages and an eco-friendly car wash.

The lodestar for this project is our vision: “Investing in new shapes of progress. For society and beyond.” We want Tidningskvarteren to take a leading position in property development and circularity.

Our approach is circular in all respects: we use existing resources innovatively and have given the area the name Tidningskvarteren to honour its history, making these classic newspaper properties a place for a different kind of good news.

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