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A circular approach every step of the way

The “recycle ladder” is our tool to ensure circularity at every stage of our development projects and investments. By following the steps: Prevent, Reuse, Recycle, Recover Energy and Minimise Waste, we aim to leave something better behind for future generations.

1. Prevent
How much of the existing floorplan can we keep? Do we really have to tear down walls and change the location of the kitchen and the bathroom?


2. Reuse
What can we reuse from a renovation? Can we install the lighting in another property or can the interior doors be used elsewhere in the building?


3. Recycle
What can and should be recycled? Can old carpets become new flooring or can a false ceiling serve as interior wall insulation?


4. Recover Energy
Can the materials we dismantle be recycled into energy? Can they go into district heating furnaces to heat our buildings?


5. Minimise waste
What we cannot recycle goes to landfill. The better we sort waste materials, the less the landfill will grow.



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