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Infranode – Areim´s New Platform for Infrastructure Investments

6 October 2014

For more than 10 years, Areim has been building upon its successful investment platform for real estate and today manages assets for over SEK 10 billion. We see investments in infrastructure as a natural next step within real asset. Together, Areim and Infranode have created the first Swedish dedicated platform for investments and advisory within the infrastructure sector.

Infranode, a subsidiary to Areim, is a platform for long-term investments in infrastructure projects in the Nordics and in Northern Europe. The team of infrastructure experts is based in Stockholm and has broad local and international experience.

”We are very happy to have Infranode in place and are very proud of this very experienced team leading our infrastructure platform”, says Leif Andersson, Chairman of Areim.

Infranode has SEK 1.45 billion in initial capital commitments available for investments with a 20+ year investment horizon.


Name: Leif Andersson
Phone: +46 70 454 65 20
E-mail: leif.andersson[a]


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