Sustainability has been at the centre of Areim’s heart since day one and we are committed to being a sustainability leader within our industry. We want to build a stronger, more adaptable, and sustainable society which at the same time creates greater value for our investors and other important stakeholders.

Our responsibility

The real estate sector has a considerable impact on the environment. With over 40 per cent of global energy consumption and raw material consumption, and approximately one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is our duty to drive positive change.

Furthermore, the real estate sector has strong impact on what the cities of the future will look like and what social issues will be of importance to its population. We, along with our industry, have a great responsibility. In all our sustainability efforts, we are guided by the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. We also align our business with UN Global Compacts Ten Principles on Human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability facts


of energy from fossil free source


reduced energy consumption in 2020


environmental certified properties (2020)


Green Stars Areim Fond II (GRESB result 2020)


Green Stars Areim Fond III (GRESB result 2020)

Our sustainability goals

Our ambition is to be a sustainability leader within our industry. We believe in a future with a circular mind-set where the new is built with the old and where health and good social relationships are essential to building diverse and thriving communities. We want to revive local neighbourhoods through turning brown properties into green and create smart and inclusive spaces where people matter, share and care.

We focus on the three aspects of sustainability – environment, social and governance. To us this means turning brown into green, that we care for people, and we want to deliver sustainable results.

We turn brown into green defines our environmental impact, objectives, and commitments with focus on climate impact and circularity as well as smarter properties and communities. We are committed to being an organisation with net zero emissions by 2030 and we are taking the necessary steps to reach this goal. We also strive to develop environmentally smart properties, trying to reduce their climate impact as much as possible through a “reduce and reuse” approach as well as making environmentally sensible material choices.

We care for people is our commitment to looking after and caring for our stakeholders as well as creating value for them. We are committed to our colleagues, tenants, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders ensuring long-term social benefits that go beyond just our properties.

We deliver sustainable results is our commitment to creating long-term financial sustainability with transparent governance whilst empowering our people to do the right things in the right manner. Good governance is the foundation of a responsible business, and an important part of this work is to be financially sustainable and responsible for the long term.

Sustainability at Areim

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How we do it

As a value-add fund manager, Areim’s aim is to invest in improvement journeys in the already built environment. We do this by recycling and repositioning our assets, putting in place broad improvement programmes lead by certifications standards, upgrading outdoor areas and increasing he overall attractiveness in and around our assets.

In addition, we typically increase the building density in the built environment. This means not only a reduced environmental footprint per capita, higher efficiency and lower costs for everything from fire-fighting services, to energy and water consumption but also a more living, dynamic and safer environment.

Our target is to having 100 per cent of our investments green building certified by time of divestment. It is always our aim to develop and improve our properties to meet the standards for well-known environmental certifications as specified by for example LEED, BREEAM and Nordic Swan Ecolabel (Svanen)

We acknowledge the importance of memberships in industry associations, national and international organizations, and bodies. Areim is a member of Sweden Green Building Council, The Stockholm Climate Pact and Green Building Council Finland as well as a signatory to UN Global Compact and UN PRI.

We lessen the carbon footprint

Our total offset for 2020 amounted to 80 tonnes CO2e emissions (corresponding to the emissions from our corporate offices) through the project Bagepalli biogas in Chickballapur, India. The project has a Fairtrade Carbon Standard certification and was selected together with Zero Mission, our climate accounting business partner.
We are committed to being a carbon net zero business by 2030 and taking the necessary steps to reach this goal. Our route to reach our target is currently three-fold: to reduce demand , to increase renewables, and to offset residual emissions. We strive to develop environmentally smart properties, trying to reduce their climate impact as much as possible through a “reduce and reuse” approach as well as making environmentally sensible material choices.

ESG Policy

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Sustainable Finance

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Sustainable Finance

Fund level pre contractual disclosures

Zero mission

compensates for94 tons CO2: of our trips and hotel stays 2019

Sustainability initiatives

Areim is participating in the following sustainability initiatives

As a signatory to UN Global Compact, Areim is committed to align strategies and operations with the Ten Principles on human Rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Read more at


Areim is a member of associations that actively work with sustainability related issues


Klimatpakten is a climate network for the city of Stockholm, companies and organisations, the network focus on joint reduced climate impact.

Green Building Council

Green Building Council is the leading organisation for sustainable community building. Areim is a member in Sweden and Finland. Read more about SGBC


Fastighetsägarna is a trade organisation working for a sustainable and functioning property market.


INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles


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