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Areim funds

As an independent Nordic fund manager, we currently manages five funds on behalf of international institutional investors, such as public and corporate pension funds and insurance companies. Our investment strategy is to acquire, develop, and add value to properties, and to deliver sustainable results to our investors.

Nordic focus

Our investment strategy targets assets in the Nordic region: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Value-add fund manager

We invest in underdeveloped properties and transform them into modern assets with lasting value.

Zero losses to date

Since inception, we have delivered sustainable results and our funds are among the highest performing ones in Europe. We are committed to creating long-term financial results.

ESG from day one

We want to leave something better behind for future generations and we therefore integrate all three aspects of sustainability into our business: environmental, social and governance.

Areim’s investment philosophy

Our investment approach has generated strong risk-adjusted returns across the cycles.

Adjusting to the market cycle

Our agile investment strategy has allowed us to successfully invest across market cycles over the last two decades. In economic recovery periods, we focus on value-based investments, and in recessionary periods, we adopt a cashflow-driven strategy.

Minimising downside risk

To hedge the downside risk, we invest in structurally sound assets in established locations with existing cash flows. We also avoid binary risk and limit operational exposure.

Flexible business plans

Our multi-dimensional business plans give us the flexibility to adapt to changing market environments and shifts in demand.

SWECO-huset, Anders Tengbom, Marieberg, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

Our culture

Building and maintaining a company culture is a continuous process, and we choose to put people first, embrace challenges and act with integrity in everything we do. We are entrepreneurial and driven individuals who co-create around all the opportunities we encounter.

Get in touch

If you have questions about our funds, please contact Helena Ekström, Head of Investor Relations.

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