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”I find it incredibly exciting to work with acquisitions and divestments. No business deal is the same! My job also requires a high level of teamwork”

Areim doesn’t just pick the low hanging fruit. Years of long-term relationship building and analysis allow us to make deals that would otherwise have been impossible. Many transactions involve considerable twists and turns and require a significant amount of innovation and perseverance to complete. At Areim, we highly value and encourage those two qualities.

My work in acquisitions and divestments is project-oriented; I have a specific objective to achieve and a transaction to complete. The feeling when we reach our goals is lovely, a mixture of wow! and puh!. But no matter how hard we try, some deals never cross the finish line. At those times, it’s important to not lose your drive, learn from the things that didn’t work, and then look ahead and focus on new business opportunities.

It’s fantastic to be part of Areim’s investment team. Our combined experience is vast, and we have a particularly robust industry network.

Julia Mejegård

+46 (0)8-545 010 98
julia.mejegard [@]
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