The Slaugtherhouse area

The property Boländerna 19:1 is situated in the attractive light industrial area Boländerna in central Uppsala where we will develop a new 31 000 sqm large area for warehouse and light industrial properties called “The Slaughterhouse area”. The name relates to the history of the area where SCAN´s slaughterhouse was located for many decades. The Slaughterhouse area is situated right between the retail area housing IKEA and the residential area some 100 meters away.

Project development

We will develop the old slaughterhouse area into a new industrial area with modern light industrial properties and “green spots” within the area. In addition to the already existing 9 000 sqm, we want to build an additional 31 000 sqm of new modern light industrial properties that can be adapted to the tenants’ needs and wishes.

As part of our long-term sustainability strategy for our light industrial properties, we are evaluating environmental certification of the property as well as the possibilities for geotechnical facilities. Our ambition is to start construction as early as June 2021 and tenants to start moving in around the turn of the year 2021/2022.

Vision image – Entrance Danmarksgatan 26

Vision image – Overview The Slaughterhouse area

Vision image – Entrance Verkstadsgatan

Slakthusområdet  Danmarksgatan 26, Uppsala, Sweden


Project Managers

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