T31 (the property Lybeck 2) is located in Värtahamnen a part of Stockholm’s inner city with great potential for both housing and workplaces. Offices, housing, commercial venues, and service properties are planned in the area, and Areim wants to contribute to the development of the new districts at Gärdet and Värtahamnen.

Modernize the property

As part of the development of the area, we want T31 to link Gärdet with Frihamnen via a new entrance to Värtahamnen. We will open up the ground floor of the property and that way contribute to a vibrant urban environment in the area.

The property will offer modern office space with the possibility of very large cohesive areas, which can be well suited for larger companies and governmental authorities.

Our ambition is to modernize the property, fill it with vibrant life and actively work to develop a new zoning plan that enables the development of the properties and the area.

Vision images from WtR

Lybeck 2  Tegeluddsvägen 31, Stockholm


Project Manager

E-mail: christian.bouvier[a]areim.se
Phone: +46 8 122 502 60