Reykjavik 2

Reykjavik 2 was built in 1987 and in 2009 the entire property was completely renovated. The renovation included updating technical installations, new windows, two new lifts, three new entrances. Floors 4 and 5 were expanded to improve internal communication on these levels.

Open and efficient floor plan

The property has good ceiling heights and large new windows, which makes the premises very spacious. The premises have an open and efficient floor plan applicable to both open plan and office.

In 2011, Reykjavik 2 was bought by Areim and several tenant adjustments were made. In 2014, the property was sold as one of three properties in the Kista portfolio.

Environmental certification: The property is Green Building certified.


Reykjavik 2  Borgarfjordsgatan 14, Kista


Project Manager

Peter Kvarfordt
E-mail: peter.kvarfordt[a]
Phone: +46 8 501 055 02