The property Gångaren was acquired in 2011 and sold in 2015. At the time of the sale, it was agreed that Areim would continue to have the right to the housing development on part of the property and to the future acquisition of the leasehold.

Residential development

In March 2016, land instruction agreements for residential development were signed on part of the property with the City of Stockholm and in October 2016 the detailed planning work began. The new zoning plan became final in 2019. Building development with the aim of signing a new lease agreement for approximately 72 homes in a new, taller building is ongoing.

Environmental certification: Environmental certification is under investigation.

Gångaren  Lindhagensgatan 72-76, Stockholm


Project Manager

E-mail: anders.lif[a]areim.se
Phone: +46 8 545 010 92