Librobäck 3:4

The property Librobäck 3:4 is situated in the light industrial area of Librobäck north east of Uppsala. The existing building was built in 2001 with Cramo as the only tenant. We are planning to build an additional building of 3 000 sqm with excellent expose opportunities along the main road passing the area.

Project development

In the area between our property, where Cramo is the tenant, and road 272, there is today about 5 000 sqm of meadow land where we want to develop a modern light industrial building of 3 000 sqm that can be adapted to the tenants’ needs and wishes.

As part of our long-term sustainability strategy for our light industrial properties, we are evaluating environmental certification of the property as well as the possibilities for geotechnical facilities. Our ambition is to start construction as early as May 2021 and tenants to start moving in around the turn of the year 2021/2022


Vision image

Librobäck 3:4  Hållnäsgatan 4, Uppsala


Projekt Manager

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