Färöarna 3

The property Färöarna 3, best known as Kista One, has one of the best locations in Kista. Areim acquired the property in 2007 and completely renovated the property’s approximately 40,000 square meters. With modern technology, good materials and thoughtful architecture, a bright and environmentally profiled office building was created out of the dark eighties house.

Pleasant office space

All technology in the house was upgraded, including ventilation, cooling and electricity. The window openings were enlarged to let in more light. In the indoor environment, emphasis was placed on acoustics and high-quality lighting so that the office space became both pleasant and efficient.

Environmental certification: In 2014 Kista One was LEED Gold certified before being sold as one of three properties in the Kista portfolio.

Färöarna 3  Kistagången 20-26, Kista


Project Manager

Peter Kvarfordt
+46 8 501 055 02