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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We operate in an industry that has a considerable impact on the environment. Real estate accounts for about 40% of Sweden’s total energy consumption and the construction sector accounts for about 30% of all generated waste. We, along with our industry, have a great responsibility. In all our sustainability efforts, we are guided by the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Areim´s sustainability goals

With human beings at the centre, our overall objective is always to lead our industry towards a sustainable society with the objective of giving back more than we take.

To fulfil this commitment, we are focusing on reducing energy consumption from our directly owned properties to an average of 100 kWh/sqm at the time of divestment; having 100 per cent of our investments certified at the time of divestment and; being a net carbon-neutral organisation by 2030.

172 kWh

energy consumption in our properties 2019


environmental certified properties 2019


Green Stars Areim Fond II
(GRESB result 2020)


Green Stars Areim Fond III
(GRESB result 2020)

This is how we do it

Since 2011, Areim has been certified according to Svensk Miljöbas. The company has also been a member of SGBC since 2010. Since 2020 we are also members of the The Stockholm Climate Pact.
In Finland we are members of Green Building Council Finland.

Our aim is to always develop and improve our properties in order to meet the standards for environmental certifications as specified by for example LEED, BREEAM and Svanen.

We lessen the carbon footprint

thus, we decrease 94 tons CO2 of the emissions caused by the company travels and hotel stays in 2019.

The carbon footprint compensation happens in Gold Standard ja Fairtrade certified project Bagepalli Coolie Sangha, which is in the district of Kolar, India.

The project compensates by biogas for consumption of firewood and kerosene of small-scale biogas facilities, needed for cooking and boiling of water. In addition to climate benefit, it has great positive health benefits because the inside environment gets better.

Sustainability at Areim

Read more about our work with sustainability

Sustainability commitment

Read our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Management

Read more about our sustainability management

Sustainable Finance Disclosures

Entity level website disclosures

Fund level pre contractual disclosures

Zero mission

compensates for94 tons CO2: of our trips and hotel stays 2019

Sustainability initiatives

Areim is participating in the following sustainability initiatives

As a signatory to UN Global Compact, Areim is committed to align strategies and operations with the Ten Principles on human Rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Read more at


Areim is a member of associations that actively work with sustainability related issues


Klimatpakten is a climate network for the city of Stockholm, companies and organisations, the network focus on joint reduced climate impact.

Green Building Council

Green Building Council is the leading organisation for sustainable community building. Areim is a member in Sweden and Finland. Read more about SGBC


Fastighetsägarna is a trade organisation working for a sustainable and functioning property market.


INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles


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