Social Initiatives

From the very beginning, we have always wanted to make a difference and support social development. But ideas must be put into practice. That is why we make sure our CSR work is both systematic and consistent.

We support


Friends is a well-known and well-reputed children’s right organisation that has been working for over 20 years to prevent bullying and to promote safe environments for children.

In partnership with Swedish universities and in international network, Friends initiate, and conduct research projects related to bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, online abuse, and other issues. No child should leave home for school with a lump in their stomach, children need the support of adults. Friends, therefore, provide tools as surveys, education, support, and practices for adults responsible for children’s safety, free advice and support to children, parents, and professionals, and support the cause on decision making levels.


We have also singled out improved education and the well-being of children worldwide as corporate commitments. For example, we support UNICEF’s work for vulnerable children in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest nations. Through the contributions from Areim and other participating companies, more Malawian children can now access quality education and healthcare.

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Mathivation challenges, inspires and motivates students in mathematics and programming. The initiative engages students as role models to increase interest and curiosity to problem solving. Mathivation is a complement to the regular school activities and is aimed for all students at school, regardless of grades or prior knowledge. The activities take place in close collaboration with the academy and the business community, which strengthens the students’ self-confidence and insight for future choices. Mathivation is part of the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s work to promote the long-term supply of skills in the natural science subjects.

Mathivation and Areim have together created educational material for class that will reach students all over the country. The educational material is based on investments and real easte and teaches various basic economic concepts on percentage calculation and the interest-on-interest effect focusing on persistence, and creative problem solving. The students practice table reading, see patterns and derive general formulas.

During 2019/2020 in Stockholm and Nacka, we have met ca 1000 students spread over 30 training opportunities. Of these, we have met just over 200 students during the school year. Active schools are: Sätraskolan, Engelbrektsskolan and Eklidens skola

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Stockholms Stadsmission

Stockholms Stadsmission works for a more humane society through social care, work integration and education, with the goal of promoting participation and preventing exclusion. As a friend of Stockholms Stadsmission, we are involved and contribute to helping people who live in vulnerability in our society. Our contribution goes to emergency and long-term support such as housing and meals for people in acute homelessness, financial support for families with children, a quiet place for high school students to study, conversation support and lunch boxes for the elderly.

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