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Areim offers three areas of expertise: fund management; property development; and consulting. We strategically integrate skill sets across domains to optimise business operations and build trust with all our stakeholders.

Property Development

At Areim, we apply a holistic view on property development. It means that we look at the interior and the exterior of buildings, and the land belonging to them, as one entity, where the whole is greater than its interconnected parts.

This view allows us to uncover opportunities where others find challenges. It enables us to reimagine what an underperforming property could become. We put our ideas into practice through careful planning and strong partnerships. Always with an eye to the future, our redevelopment projects are designed to benefit tenants, neighborhoods, and entire cities for years ahead.

We dare

Each development project is unique, but our strategy remains the same: to create lasting value, sustainably. The needs and preferences of our tenants always guide the entire planning process. We make sure that the property is attractive to as many people as possible. For example, we may open up a building to the general public by including a ground-level café or lush terrace. For large-scale projects, we will add retail space targeted to the specific needs of residents.

Safety is also a top priority. Properties designed to be welcoming will attract more visitors and contribute to a higher sense of social well-being. If we can, we also try to add a unique feature to a property. It could, for example, be the addition of a superstructure on top of an existing building. Such architectural extensions can transform once unremarkable properties into new neighborhood landmarks.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key to our development strategy. We enhance internal co-operation by synthesising our extensive expertise to suit the specific needs of each project. 

We also forge strong and lasting partnerships with external stakeholders, be they tenants, city authorities, or other property owners. These partnerships facilitate the entire development process.

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Real estate projects


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Fund Management

A unique and innovative mindset guides how and in what we invest


At the request of existing investors and partners, we take on advisory assignments.