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For us, the word sustainability means that we need to use resources and energy efficiently from the moment an existing building is demolished and a new one is constructed and occupied by new tenants, until it is rebuilt and adapted for future needs without too much impact on the environment.

In practice, this involves many things, including waste management, the design of bicycle parking areas, energy efficiency measures, systems for tenant fit-outs, waste sorting during demolition, logistics during building etc. Many things need to be considered throughout the life cycle of each building in order to maintain and deliver environmentally smart buildings.

Since 2011, Areim has been certified according to Svensk Miljöbas. The company has also been a member of Swedish Green Building Council (“SGBC”) since 2010. Our aim is to always develop and improve our properties in order to meet the standards for environmental certifications as specified by for example LEED and Green Building.

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