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At Areim, we manage capital from institutional investors. We acquire, develop and add value to real estate.

We do that by investing in underdeveloped or mismanaged real estate where we have identified value enhancing opportunities such as lease-up or refurbishment and modernization. Sometimes, we take on larger projects where we develop and gentrify an entire area.

We have a big responsibility towards those who have entrusted us with their capital, our investors, and ultimately their end customers, who are retired people and insurance policy holders. Our goal is to optimize our returns to our investors and to do so in a professional and responsible manner.

It always comes back to achieving the right balance between optimizing returns and social responsibility – leaving behind something that we can be proud of. We have to be economically sustainable and socially responsible to be long term in our industry. We cannot afford to do anything other than set a good example.

It’s not easy. But our goal and ambition is to achieve both.

The only way to reach our goal is to develop the best possible company. The way to build the best possible company is to surround ourselves with as many good people as possible and to create a working environment where they can learn and grow professionally. That’s how we continuously improve.

It is wonderful how much we can accomplish together with our customers and our investors. When ideas and needs come together great things are achieved. That’s when long term value is created.


Quick Facts

Number of employees approx. 30
Address Norrlandsgatan 18, 111 43 Stockholm
CEO Therese Rattik


We strive towards becoming the preferred partner for investments in real assets.

Our aim is to be a dynamic company that forges strong and lasting relationships with tenants, investors and society at large.

We are driven by fulfilling the needs of both our customers and the community.

We turn ideas into reality. To us, nothing is impossible.


At Areim, we earn and honor the trust of our stakeholders.

We approach complex business ventures with resolve and commitment.

We are a problem-solver with the drive, perseverance and ingenuity to create value in the face of challenges.

It is our responsibility to build a corporate legacy of enduring worth and pride.


Office Buildings

  • Brahelund 2 in Solna. 41000 sqm.
  • Brädstapeln 16 in Stockholm. 39000 sqm.
  • Gladan 4 in Stockholm. 8000 sqm.
  • Trängkåren 6 in Stockholm. 40000 sqm.

Retail Properties

  • Lybeck 10 in Malmö. 31600 sqm.
  • Starrkärr 1:42 in Älvängen. 8000 sqm.
  • Änghagen outside Lidköping. 11000 sqm.
  • Kardanen in Örebro municipality. 12000 sqm.

Obligo Portfolio

  • Approx. 20 logistic and office properties in the nordic region