Boländerna 32:2

Spikgatan 1, 753 23 Uppsala, Sweden

The property Boländerna 32:2 is situated in the light industrial area Boländerna, a centrally located area in Uppsala, housing light industries, retail, and residential areas, with IKEA as one of the neighbors. Given the excellent exposure opportunity of the area we want to develop 25 000sqm of office, warehouse, and light industrial properties. Today the property is housing an office building, garage, and a recycling center.


Type: Light industrial, Office, Warehouse

Area: Uppsala

Built: 1971

Area: 2 845 sqm

Owner: Areim Fond IV

Manager: Nizar Mabrouk

Phone: +46 8 525 239 03

Mobile: +46 72 077 43 23

Email: nizar.mabrouk[a]

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