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Areim sells Stockholm Landmark

6 September 2019

Areim sells a Stockholm landmark, the property Brädstapeln 16 by Barnhusbron, to KPA Pension, an affiliate of the Folksam Group.

“Brädstapeln 16 is a prime example of the type of real estate investment Areim targets. A project that allows us to add lasting value to the urban landscape and create a proud legacy for generations to come. Our business model includes handing over ownership of assets to owners with a track record of responsible and forward-looking property management. We’re therefore very pleased that KPA Pension has acquired Brädstapeln 16”, says Therese Rattik, CEO of Areim.

The property is one of the city’s greatest architectural gems, the realization of an audacious design by the original architects Tengbom and Salamon. Following the acquisition of Brädstapeln 16 in 2014, Areim embarked on a process to revitalize the building complex by integrating it within the neighborhood. The entire property was upgraded to meet modern requirements while retaining the building’s unique architectural qualities.

“It has been a both fascinating and rewarding experience to develop and upgrade the Brädstapeln 16 property. Our strong partnerships with the City of Stockholm, our consultants, and contractors have been key to the project’s success. Not only have we brought the building up to date, we have also opened up the largely closed premises to the general public. The addition of shops, fitness center, and restaurants will revitalize the neighborhood outside office hours and boost the general sense of safety. The wide variety of new services will benefit both residents, office workers, and visitors”, comments Erik Ullsten, property manager at Ariem.

With Brädstapeln 16, we have realized our vision of creating a vibrant and welcoming meeting place that is also a hub connecting Kungsholmen to central Stockholm. The sale of Brädstapeln will be completed on November 1, 2019.

For more information contact

Therese Rattik, CEO
Mob: +46 70 454 65 24
Epost: therese.rattik [@]

Erik Ullsten, Asset Management Development
Mob: +46 70 991 08 50
Epost: erik.ullsten[@]



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