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Areim and Polarium in pilot project to accelerate the shift to renewable energy

27 April 2022

Areim together with Polarium, a leading provider of energy storage solutions, has entered a pilot project delivering a smart energy storage solution for a large-scale real estate deployment. The system has been installed in one of Areim’s properties at Stora Essingen, Stockholm, and will enable Areim to capture further value-add streams and accelerate the transition to a more renewable energy system by adding energy storage capacity to the grid.  

The battery installation will be one of the largest in a commercial property in Sweden and will make Areim an active participant in the energy market, able to utilise the latest technologies for energy optimisation. These include peak-shaving, spot price optimisation, storage of locally produced renewable electricity, and supporting the grid with its energy balance during times of need, increasing its resilience.  

“By adding energy storage, we are hoping to make real estate greener and more efficient in many ways, while at the same time creating a platform for value creation in our assets. We will help facilitate an increasing share of renewables in the electricity mix as well as easing the pressure on the electricity grid. Doing this together with Polarium feels incredibly good, as we are both dedicated to creating a better world for present and future generations.”, says Marika Hilldoff, Sustainability Manager at Areim. 

”This is a big step in our strategy to enable commercial and industrial customers to use Polarium’s solutions, both to create new revenue streams and contributing to society by stabilising the energy grid. Areim is the perfect partner, with sustainability high on their agenda and a mission to enable connection of more renewable energy generation to the grid.”, says Stefan Jansson, CEO of Polarium. 

The installation was completed during March 2022 and has been successfully qualified by Svenska Kraftnät to provide FFR services.  

For more information contact:
Helena Skarle
Head of Communications
+46 733 67 66 82

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