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Areim initiates partnership with Friends

21 March 2022

Areim initiates a long-term collaboration in a national partnership with the organisation Friends. Through the Areim Joyful Learning initiative, Areim wants to create lasting social values for children and young people in schools, by promoting well-being, education, and safety. The goal is to make a real difference for the next generation.

For Areim, education has always been close to our heart, with the strong conviction that a fair education and safe schooling evens out injustices. Areim, together with Friends, is now establishing the Areim Joyful Learning initiative to ensure measurable impact on children and young people’s well-being, education, and safety in school.

“Just as our properties will remain past our lifetime, our children will live past and beyond our lives. In this intersection, between the school’s physical environment and children’s safety and well-being, we see opportunities to create lasting social values. It feels completely right to do this together with Friends, as we with our different knowledge and perspectives can make a true difference and leave something we can be proud of behind”, says Marika Hilldoff, Sustainability Manager at Areim.

Friends is a well-known and well-reputed children’s right organisation that has been working for 25 years to prevent bullying and to promote safe environments for children and young people.

“Friends’ vision is a world without bullying. Children’s immediate environments play a crucial role. Even though we can never remove bullying because it is basically about social environments – we know a lot about how we can design schools to enable security. With Areim as a partner, we can raise the conditions for better well-being among children and young people. We are therefore proud to be able to work together with Areim in the fight for a safer everyday life for our children and young people, says Maja Frankel, Secretary General of the children’s rights organisation Friends.

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