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Areim acquires properties in central Stockholm

1 February 2022

Areim acquires the office property Lybeck 2 and the adjacent property Ladugårdsgärdet 1:51 on Tegeluddsvägen in central Stockholm. The total lettable space is approximately 29,000 sqm. Areim will develop and modernise the property, with the aim of contributing to the district around Värtahamnen to become more attractive and vibrant.

“The investment is fully in line with our strategy to acquire attractively located office properties where we can add long-term value through modernisation and development. The entire district is in an exciting development phase that we want to be part of and contribute to.” says Erik Vikbladh, Head of Investments Sweden at Areim.

The properties comprise approximately 29,000 sqm of lettable space in total. Areim’s plan is to modernise the properties both internally and externally, tailor premises for new tenants, and create a more vibrant and accessible ground floor. Areim will also actively develop a new zoning plan that enables the development of the properties and the area. The goal is, among other things, to connect the adjacent areas in order to contribute to the growth of the entire district.

“The properties offer both modern office premises with large cohesive areas and premises that are adapted for service and retail. The modernisation we are to make will both meet the needs of existing tenants, and at the same time enable new tenants to tailor their premises. Our ambition is to attract the right tenants and create an attractive range of services for those who live and work in the area.” says Christian Bouvier, Asset Manager at Areim.

The acquisition took place on 31 January 2022 and the properties were sold by the previous owner CapMan Real Estate.

For more information contact:
Erik Vikbladh
Head of Investments Sweden
+46 (0)73 397 64 24

Christian Bouvier
Asset Manager
+46 (0)73 809 43 87

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