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Areim shapes a better future

Areim is an independent Nordic fund manager and property owner, offering fund management, property development, and advisory services. But that is far from all we do.

Our starting point is real assets, but what we do at Areim is about our quest to leave something better behind for future generations, nurturing our relationships and making sure we deliver good returns to our investors. We shape a better future and smile while doing it.

Our core values

We act in a way that is deeply rooted in our core values – symbolised by the tree, heart and money bag. The multiplication sign between the symbols implies that all parts must be present for the result to be positive.


Responsibility and aspiration

The tree represents what we pass on to future generations. Wherever we have the possibility to make a real difference; our properties, their surrounding environment, our daily actions, and our contribution to society at large.

The tree also symbolises our quest for constant development, our drive to make the world a better place than yesterday and inspire others to join.


People and relationships

The heart represents the most important part of our business – the people and the importance of good relationships; with yourself, colleagues, and the outside world.

The heart also symbolises our company culture, and where our passion and commitment are born. We value authenticity, make room for different perspectives and collaborate to drive our business forward.


Trust and transparency

The money bag represents the trust we have received from our investors and the returns we aim to deliver to them. It also represents good business ethics, solid governance, professionalism, and transparency towards all our stakeholders.

The money bag also symbolises our business creativity, innovation and our commitment to finding new opportunities. To us, nothing is impossible.

Our vision

Investing in new shapes of progress. For society and beyond.

Our mission

Adding potential to impossible. And smile while doing it.


Our legacy

When Leif Andersson founded Areim in 2003, he set out to build the best company. Not best just in terms of results but rather in terms of relationships. The key to success is to surround yourself with great and purpose-driven people who think nothing is impossible. Building trusting business relationships with room for being authentic. Working together to improve tomorrow, at a place that makes you smile. That is – and has always been – Areim’s starting point.

Areim is founded and headquartered in Stockholm with offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and London. We own and develop real estate and companies across the Nordic region within the light industrial, residential, office, retail, and data centre sectors.


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